Everybody Looking

Updated: May 24, 2019

THE CHAMP IS HERE!  THE CHAMP IS HERE!  Gucci Mane is back like he never left.  Even while locked away for close to three years, new Gucci material was still popping up left and right.  Now that he’s out and free again, the release of “Everybody Looking” is a great tour de force and return to form for one of Atlanta’s most prized treasures.  Everybody got their first look  via “1st Day Out Tha Feds,’ which was released on Gucci’s first day out of federal prison, followed by “Back On Road” featuring Drake, and “All My Children,” which shows Gooch bigging up instead of sonning the rappers that have come after him.  My favs off the project are “At Least a M” (gotta have that ‘M’, mATTA!) and “Multi Millionaire Laflare”.  I was super pleased with this project, and it has got me already wanting more Gucci music.  “Guwop Home” – Jeffery/Young Thug.

Listen to “Everybody Looking" below.