Updated: May 24, 2019

I gotta admit it.  I’m already an unabashed fan of Fewtch, but “The Astronaut Kid” really did his thing on BOTH projects.  Where “FUTURE” provides the turnt street-anthems we love and expect, “HNDRXX” is a surprising but not-far-off departure for the artist, showcasing vocality we have yet to hear from Young Pluto.  Future’s genius is in his subtlety.  “FUTURE” contains ad-libs that absolutely make the song that much grander; “I’m So Groovy”  (Mmm hmmm…) and “High Demand” showcase this.  “HNDRXX” brings out Future’s inner R&B soul, crooning vocals and backgrounds in a manner where you can do nothing but call him “Future Vandross.”  I was really impressed with “Use Me,” that uses an airy effect to give his voice an atmospheric texture I haven’t heard on any of his records before.  The great thing about “HNDRXX” is it has Future dip off into Pop territory, but not in a forced or contrived way.  It still sounds like Future, just fresh and different.  You’ll also hear some 90’s R&B influence on “HNDRXX,” within the music and melodies that Future sings (“Damage,” “Neva Missa Lost,” “I Thank U”).  It was also cool hearing Future reunite with Rihanna for a duet on “Selfish,” definitely stretching out into the Pop realm, but in a good way.

Each album is full of bangers.  I’ve been keeping “Fresh Air,” “Scrape,” and “High Demand” in rotation, just to name a few.  The great thing is, Future provides plenty in “FUTURE/HNDRXX” to keep you hype all the way to summer and beyond.  To aid in the consumption of both, I created a live mix, scratching and blending standout tracks from each project for you to enjoy.  FEWTCH!!!