Updated: May 24, 2019

Say what you want about Young Thug; his eccentricities, choice of clothing, and the cover for his latest project “Jeffery”, but make sure you include that he makes some jammin’ music.  Thugger may not be for everyone, but when it comes to making hype-ass street records, with lyrics shootin’ out like lasers, he’s that guy right now.  “Jeffery,” named after his birth name and used to distance himself from just a “thug”, shows Jeff stretch his already slinky-like vocals into new cadences and tones.  He goes completely ape sh*t on “Harambe” (my fav), using a gruff-gravely voice reminiscent of blues and soul singers (think Louis Armstrong, I know).  Named after people he holds as idols, each song represents another facet of Jeff; playing with themes of being in love and a relationship, while still ready to show you why he originally titled himself Thug. Haiti connects on “Kanye West” featuring Wyclef, and may be the most surprising track on the album.  It had me wondering what other musical goodiness Jeff & Clef could cook up.  Other highlights include “Swizz Beatz,” “RiRi,” and “Wyclef Jean,”  not to be confused with the song Wyclef is actually on.

“Jeffery” may not bring a slew of new fans to the Thugger sound, but if it’s an indicator of where he’s going musically, you can expect for the ‘Artist Formerly Known as Young Thug’ to be solidified in the mainstream for years to come.

Check out “Jeffery” below.

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