Updated: May 24, 2019

Logan came at a great time, starting the year off right for what’s expected to be a good year for blockbusters at the box office.  Logan, starring Hugh Jackman (his last stab at the role), chronicles the story of a much older Wolverine, visibly aged and slower than his infamously feral self.  Moreover, his healing factor is all but gone, making Wolfie waaay more susceptible to injury and harm.  Professor X, Patrick Stewart, tags along for this last hoorah, sans-psychic power, as the pair discover a pre-teen girl with abilities nearly identical to Logan’s.  Everything from his healing factor and heightened senses, down to having adamantium claws of her own; two on each hand, and one that can release from each foot.  They come to learn that the girl’s name is Laura aka X-23, played by Dafne Keen, who is on the run from Donald Pierce, a militaristic goon with a cybernetic arm, portrayed by Boyd Holbrook of Narcos fame.  Pierce is on the hunt for Laura, as she with other gifted children have been experimented on by Pierce’s mysterious boss, whom remains unknown until the ending scenes.

This was a great take on the Wolverine story through a theatrical medium.  It plays more like a drama than a superhero movie, showcasing the personal relationship of Logan and Charles Xavier, while spotlighting Logan’s reaction, then protection and care for Laura.  Originally based from the “Old Man Logan” comic storyline, the general consensus of the film is one of bitter-sweetness; it tells a great story with great action keeping you engaged, all the while knowing it may be awhile until we’re graced with another Wolverine appearance for some time.  Hugh Jackman IS Wolverine.  How Sean Connery is associated with James Bond (the best, not up for discussion) and Christian Bale to Batman now, Hugh did a great job in giving us a visual experience, portraying everyone’s favorite Berserker.  I give Logan 4 out of 5 stars.