The Life of Pablo

Updated: May 28, 2019

“I miss the old Kanye…”

What can I say about TLOP: The Life of Pablo?  As a fan, it’s good to hear Kanye having fun and being lighthearted again, rapping over sped up soul samples and spitting nonsensical punchlines.  As a musician, I think TLOP is a great combination of all the sounds/styles Kanye has experimented with over the years, providing a full and immersive soundscape, like all of his albums.  I dare to say it may be one of his best, but only time will well.  TLOP is definitely a return-to-form for Kanye.  My fears of how a new Kanye album would sound, Post-Yeezus, left me skeptical, wondering if Ye still had that magic.  I joked around said he’ll have to release a Gospel album next (I was partly right).  But once I heard Kanye sounding like the Old Kanye on “No More Parties in L.A.” and “Real Friends,” released before the album, all my worries and fears were calmed.  And once The Life of Pablo was fully released (the first time), that good ol’ Kanye feel was back without a hitch.  From Metro Boomin lending production to “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1”, to the updated version of “Facts”, this is an album that can be listened to in entirety.  You can play the album from start to finish, but something about when “Highlights” comes on, and Young Thug belts out “TELL MY BABY I’M BACK IN TOWWWN!!!”, I know I’m about to have a good time.  The Life of Pablo is the perfect Kanye album; soul samples, dark gothic sounds, and full of infamous one-liners (Taylor Swift wasn’t too happy about “Famous”, despite hearing a piece of it from Ye himself and giving the ok).  People will be talking about and playing Kanye West’s latest masterpiece for quite some time.

*Update: Teyana Taylor’s dance sequence in the video for “Fade”, has burnt an image in my brain, never to go away, and I’m okay with that.